The best photography tips for amateurs will help you move from simply clicking photos to creating real art work.

Are you unfamiliar to photography techniques? Did you just get started in the world of digital cinematography? Professional photojournalist Mohsen Motamedian USA will guide you to discover this exciting field with simple photography tips!


The next tip for novice is to understand how light works.

The basic camera parameters will help you get a good picture. Learning the basic techniques of visual arts and various elements of cinematography will help in clicking perfect images. However, using the light in proper orientation will make your pictures stand out from the rest.

Handling the light correctly is possibly one of the most difficult tasks for beginner at first. But as soon as you master it, there will be a substantial improvement in your pictures.


The three variables that control exposure are diaphragm opening or f-stop, shutter speed, and ISO. Understanding the exposure triangle will give you control over the final photo.

• Manual mode always intimidates when you start, but you don’t have to use it completely. Try a semi-automatic mode and start experimenting with the different camera settings.

• By using aperture priority mode or shutter speed priority mode, you’ll learn about basic exposure settings and be able to implement other cinematic techniques such as moment freezing, producing long daytime exposure with slow shutter speeds,or controlling depth of field using different apertures.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington


If you are not sure where to start and want to learn photography, Mohsen Motamedian Washington recommends studying the basic rules of pictorial composition.

The basic guideline of composition is the rule of thirds. Following this law will help you in composing photos in a balanced and simple way from the beginning.

There are also other types of easy-to-implement visual compositions mentioned by Mohsen Motamedian USA. Pay attention to guide lines:

• “S” curves

• Golden ratio

• Balance within the image frame.

All these composition principles can be used by trainee photographers with any type of camera; both an iPhone/Smartphone and any digital camera (whether reflex or mirrorless)serve to practice different types of photographic composition.


Automatic focus modes are one of the best allies of an amateur cinematographer. A lot of professional paparazzo rely on auto focus features in different photographic situations.

At other times, such as photographing the Milky Way or capturing the Northern Lights, mastering manual focus is essential,as most digital cameras face difficulty,while focusing under low light conditions.

Mohsen Motamedian USA


It is true that you can edit the images to correct errors later, but it is important to record in memory that you have to start with the best possible photography on the camera. Since in addition, many errors are difficult or impossible to correct with an editing program.

One of the most important amateur photography tip is to try to get home with the best photo possible, which demand only slight adjustments.


Another effective photographic technique for beginners is to look for reflections in your scenes. Train your photographic eye to look for surfaces where light and elements, such as water, glass, metal, eyes, and any other surface, can be displayed from a different point of view.

Photography is both exciting and rewarding art. And in some cases, it can become your profession, as happened to Mohsen Motamedian Washington.

If you’re starting out in the world of digital photography, take your time to get acquainted with the photography fundamentals,and be constantly open to learning from others and trying out new concepts and methods. That’s basically what it takes to be a pro cinematographer.

Inspiration and ideas for photo shoots from time to time challenge many amateurs. In this article, Mohsen Motamedian USA would like to share some interesting ideas for photo shoots, which can be an incentive for you to experiment creatively.

1. Try to take a picture of something you’ve never photographed before

In photography, as in any business, a constant stay in the comfort zone can lead to creative stagnation. The swamp of everyday life and routine will absorb your creative potential slowly.

The easiest way to do this is to choose an object, theme, or photography technique that you’ve never tried before.

But don’t rely on it. Think ahead of the upcoming photoshoot concept, make an idea of how you would like to see the result of your work.

Few cinematography ideas offered by Mohsen Motamedian Washington:

• If you specialize in landscapes, take some portraits;

• If you take pictures only in the daytime, go to an evening photo shoot;

• If you always work in colour, try taking black and white photos;

• If you’re used to working with automatic or semi-automatic camera modes, experiment with the shooting using manual mode.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

2. Experiment with the contrasts

Pairing up the contrasts in a photo reflect an amazing impact. Here are some ideas:

• Take a picture of a bright, colorfully-decorated location in black and white;

• Put new and old things in one frame;

• Try to cover the theme of calm and conflict.

3. Fix movement in photos

Cameras capture life in one shot, but life is rarely static. This idea will be easier to implement if you have a good tripod.

If you do not yet have it, show ingenuity and figure out how to fix the camera while it shoots on a long exposure.

• Place the camera on a hard surface. To properly orient the camera, you may have to put something under it (such as a scarf).

• Choose any moving object you like and start shooting.

• Use long exposure to take pictures of moving objects – that’s the best way to convey the action as per the knowledge of Mohsen Motamedian USA.

• Try to find a balance between the speed of the subject being removed and the exposure. It all depends on what result you want to get. The longer the exposure, the more the object you remove will be blurred.

• If the subject moves quite quickly, you need to choose a shorter exposure. Otherwise, the moving object will not be fixed at all in the image.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

4. Take multiple pictures of the same object

Multiple shots of the same object or person will make you be more creative in order to get pictures that are different from each other.

Plan it. Start with a few ideas about what you’ll shoot during the first three or four photo shoots. Mohsen Motamedian Washington suggests, to try using a new shooting technique every time. Change the focal length of the lens. Use different options and lighting schemes. Think outside the box.

5. Take photos from a non-standard angle

Most of the photos are taken from a position where the camera lens is directed straight forward. Try to move away from this habit and take photos by directing the camera lens at an upward angle. Or, conversely, down. Find objects that look more interesting from these angles.

By doing this, you will train your creative vision and search for composition in places that you usually do not consider.

According to Mohsen Motamedian USA, a wide-angle lens is useful for photographing objects from top to bottom. If you don’t have one, find an elevation on which you can stand while you’re shooting.

Balconies, overhead passages and windows above the first floor are all potentially good places to accommodate the photographer, who decided to make several frames, following the idea proposed above.

These are just a few exercise ideas to keep your creative thinking toned.You can develop them or come up with your own.

Being a professional photographer, you really have to serve your client with the best and most desired shots on their special day. Especially, when it comes to a wedding shoot, you cannot think of serving anything below the best for their best and most special memory.

Now, this is where, being a photographer, you have to live up to their expectations. Mohsen Motamedian, who has established himself as one of the most talked-about photographers of the current times, talks about pondering the below facts before heading for any wedding shoot.


Camera gears and accessories

Mohsen Motamedian WashingtonYou cannot just walk into a wedding shoot with a good DSLR and expect the same to do winders with your wedding photography skills. Being a specialist photographer himself, Max Motamedian talks about bringing all the right gears and accessories to your camera kit. Speaking of kit that must include the following:

  • Tripod

A Tripod can help you to bring all the required stability during any given wedding shoot. The best part- you can place it anywhere as per your own convenience and need not worry about the unwanted disturbances by the guests and other factors around.

  • Lense

Beside Tripod, you also need to carry the best lens in your kitty. Speaking of lens any good quality 28-30mm would do the job for you. Moreover, a lens can help you to get the right picture or focus from any part or angle within the wedding venue.

Proper lighting

max motamedianWedding shoots are all about glam and glitters and this is where lighting plays a key role in the whole process. So, being a photographer, you firstly need to check whether the same lighting conditions are enough to make you grab the perfect shot.

Mohsen motamedian export says that if the lighting isn’t enough at the wedding venue, you can take a good quality flashlight with you in the camera kit. Besides helping you with proper lighting, a flashlight would make you capture the bets wedding shots ate any desirable spot at the wedding venue.

The right camera settings

Once you are into a wedding shoot, you have to switch on the auto white balance of the camera in order to get the most balanced brightness in all of your shots. Also, you must lower down the shutter speed in good lighting conditions while keeping the autofocus feature on alongside.

Furthermore, the same settings can be tweaked a bit when you are about to capture a couple of portrait or a wide shot of the venue and the guests. As the aperture value must remain in accordance with the shutter speed and focus.

Photography has made its place as the most cherished and followed hobbies across people of all age groups. No matter if it’s about a kid, an adult, or a middle-aged person, eceryo0ne loves to click and secure all those beautiful memories of their lives under a camera frame.

Mohsen Motamedian, who has secured his place amongst the topmost photographers around the world, also talks about his journey in the world of photography. As per him, if there’s any profession that can provide you with great satisfaction along with some financial security, its photography.

Besides that, he talks about the following reasons why photography can come up as a great hobby for people of every age and community around.


Max Motamedian


1. The perfect way to capture memories

Every person does have some memorable moments in his or her life that he or she would like to cherish till eternity. Now, this is where photography comes as the only way to capture those memories in the form of videos or photos that can be preserved for the rest of their lives.

Mohsen Motamedian export affirms that with the easy availability of the camera in smartphones, people have found it really easy and convenient to capture those great moments of their loved ones.


2. Enhancing creativity

mohsen motamedian exportPhotography allows you to be creative and you can experiment with a lot of things like angles, frames, viewpoints, and so on. A single picture can be clicked in numerous ways and this is where the creative aspect of the photographer comes into play.

Max Motamedian says that when he was a kid, he used to play with his dad’s camera in order to grab those perfect shots from different angles. He has tried taking those shots in harsh light, low light, and numerous other situations and surroundings.


3. Learning new things

Once you are into photography, you are bound to learn a lot of things besides just clicking pictures. The Photography community is quite huge and everyone can tell you a whole different way to polish your photography skills in a better manner.

Mohsen Motamedian export is one of those rare photographers that never went to a photography school and made their way into the elite list out of their hard work and sheer dedication. Still, it was always his willingness to learn new things from his seniors and mentors within the same community that have brought him all the success over time.

Photography is one great idea to re-live your memories. People often take photographs for numerous reasons. Where some click photographs to build memories while others click for their hobbies. It depends upon person to person and their thoughts about photography. Posting photographs in different social media sites have become a new trend in today’s life. It acts as one of the favourite hobbies of many people.

Mohsen Motamedian

Apart from taking pictures as a hobby, it is one great option to choose to opt for as a career. People are unaware of the fact that how amazingly photography can change your life. While Mohsen Motamedian, promises photography as a great option to choose to build your career within it. It involves your passion and promises you the best outcome.

Opt for the diploma degree in photography, and give your career a nice healthy kick. Trust me, when I say that there is numerous healthy scope of choosing it. Mohsen Motamedian Export numerous career offers that can guarantee you with the best numerous options. Trust me, when I say that the success rate is guaranteed within the best options.

1. Freelance photography- it is the best option to choose to start your career. This option promises you to be your boss and thus you can work for yourself aiming for your best results. Max Motamedian work as a freelance photographer making his passion a reality. It is one great idea to opt when you consider photography as your part income option. Therefore, it is a perfect secondary income idea. Trust, Max Motamedian when he says that with the little practice, it becomes an easy task to be an expert freelance photographer.

2. For media house- photography promises a great scope in the field of mass and media. Photographers can do photography for different magazines, newspapers, brochures etc. Mohsen Motamedian Export the best photographs for the different newspapers. Mohsen Motamedian makes us understand with his experience that pursuing a career of photojournalism is one of the great ideas to build your career.

3. Advertising photography- big companies hire photographers to advertise their business. It won’t be wrong saying that every business requires the best photographer to advertise their business among people. Advertisement plays a vital role in giving your business a nice shape. Trust me, opting photography for your business advertisement is one great idea. Mohsen Motamedian clears the needs of photographers in the field and explains the best skills that involve within it.

Mohsen Motamedian Export

When a person chooses photography as a career option, then without a doubt Max Motamedian must be your idol. He is a person who inspires the youth. Trust me when I say if you wanted to be one successful photographer, then following Mohsen Motamedian tips is one perfect idea to increase your knowledge and to treat your career with the best. There is definitely a long list of career scopes to choose from, that can guarantee you with the best professional and personal growth. Still in doubt, while choosing photography as your career option?

If yes, then trust me following the teachings of Mohsen Motamedian makes us realize that following our dreams is one best thing to perform. At a young age, he realized his passion for photography and with the best hard work and patience, he became one of the best photographers. Thus, learning through his concepts and thoughts are undoubtedly the perfect option to cheer your self with the best amazing future results.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

Whenever we open an album, it brings a lot happy memories in our life. photographs are like a happy movie, that undoubtedly we all love to watch. It gives us a pleasure, happy smiles, lifetime memories and the best relaxed feelings. Therefore, we can claim photography as one of the best leading activity that promises the best collection of happy memories. Clicking photographs is undoubtedly the perfect option to capture the special moments, to share stories, and a perfect source of entertainment to cherish for life long.

Photography is a task that requires the most active and peaceful mind. Where people afraid of their career in photography. Mohsen Motamedian is a man who trusted in the skills of his photography and thus becomes one of the best inspiring photographers. This is one big reason, the when we speak about photography, his name ranks on top. Mohsen Motamedian acts as an inspiration and therefore help youth in gaining confidence to work hard every day and to follow their passion for photography.

Max Motamedian exports

There are different types of photography where you can try your luck and can be one of the great leading examples in the field of photography. Max Motamedian is undoubtedly a person who knows every skill and type of photography. Thus, Max Motamedian exports the best guarantees outcomes with his stunning and elegant photographs.

There are numerous types of photography we all are aware with. Therefore, let’s explore some of the different types of photography present in our lives in detail.

max motamedian

1. Portrait photography- it is a kind of photography where the photographer record different reaction and the emotions of the people to share the best results. We can’t deny the fact that a good lightening and the background is one essential factor while you start to capture the best amazing photos.

2. Family photography- as the name signifies, this photography showcases the love and care of the family. Thus, in this type, the best picture is captured y keeping family as a centre of attraction. It is one of the best ways for a family to create million of emotions and memories for their life. these photographs also prove itself as a great source in building a healthy happy relationship.

3. Wildlife photography- wildlife photography records the best nature view and capture the finest animals that act as future memories. Make the best happy collection of memories by clicking the view of beautiful mountains, rivers, nature, plants and animals. Mohsen Motamedian explains how a single click of the camera can give you a lot of happy moments to cherish for life long. Thus, Mohsen Motamedian Export the prettiest wildlife pictures.

4. Food photography- food photography is in a trend, that in today’s time, most of the bloggers follow. The photography is used by different restraints to promote their food among the audience. It is one of the best sources to encourage audience towards your restaurant.

According to Mohsen Motamedian, photography is an art that requires the best patience and attention to capture the beautiful and stunning photographs. Clicking photographs is definitely an easy task if you promise your self to deliver the best 100 per cent confidence. Tin today’s time, people often plan to build their careers within photography, because this is the only career option that promises you the best lifestyle involving your passion. Mohsen Motamedian exports the best tips and tricks for the new photographers, helping them to build a fabulous career in the field of photography.

Max Motamedian

People often think that photography is as easy as walking on the cake which is absolutely not. It takes a lot of creativity, skills, attentive mind and of course, experience. You can’t expect a beginner to match with a professional, but they can try. Yes! with some amazing photography techniques and tips, beginners can learn professional photography. It is indeed a tough work but with the help of this blog, you will get to some tips and techniques of digital photography.

Some people born with creativity in their minds but some develop it with daily practice and hard work. When it comes to digital photography, it doesn’t matter whether you are born creative or develop it with time. We are saying so because Mohsen Motamedian Washington said that with perfect tips, techniques and continuous practice, anyone can be a pro in photography.

With intense hard work and creativity, with few years, Mohsen Motamedian USA came into the list of successful names in the field of photography. Now, with his suggestions and experience, we will tell you some ways through which you can click perfect digital pictures just like a professional.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington is one of the top names in the field of photography, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs too. Mohsen Motamedian USA is known to be one of the top photographers who has actively participated in variant genres. So, it would be your good luck that you are learning from a professional who has not done well in photography but also in entrepreneurship.

because Mohsen Motamedian Washington


Now, let’s get started with some top and best digital photography tips for beginners.

1. Evade Camera Shake

Camera blur or shake is something that can spoil any photograph and make the skills of any photographer look waste. Here are some tips to avoid this mistake:
First thing first, you need to understand how to hold your camera perfectly and correctly in order to click the right angle of the subject. You can use you both hands, one around the lens of the camera and another around the body. This will support your camera and help you to click the perfect picture.

 Mohsen Motamedian USA

Also, for handheld photography, you need to be sure that you are using a shutter speed which should be appropriate to the focal length of your camera. If your camera’s shutter speed would be too slow, any uninvited movement of the camera will provide you with a very bad result (a blurred photograph). No matter how hard you have played, it would be hard for you to click the best pictures. The rule of thumb is not to click pictures at a shutter speediness which is slower than the focal length of your camera to minimize this issue:

For instance, if you are using a lens of 100 mm, your shutter speed must be no lower than 1/100th of a second. You can use a mono pod or tripod whenever possible.

2. Create a Sense of Penetration

This point is important, especially while you are doing landscape photography, as it assists in creating a sense of penetration which means, whatever your subject would, it must make the beholder feel like they are present at that moment.

Use a wide-angle lens for a landscape view, background sharp and a small aperture of 1/16 or lesser to keep the foreground look sharp and elegant. You can place the object or whatever your subject is near to he foregrounds as it will give a sense of depth and emphasizes how much distance available there.

You can use a tripod if possible, as a small opening typically necessitates a leisurely shutter speed.

Mohsen Motamedian USA


When the word “wildlife photography” came, people often think that it is all about click pictures of flying birds, old trees, fighting tigers and dancing monkeys. So, what is so hard in it? Anyone can do it; juts provide us with a DSLR and we will be clicking award-winning wildlife photographs.

But the truth is, wildlife photography is one of the toughest genres in the field of photography. No photographer gets to see dancing monkeys and fighting animals just after entering into the forest, they need to search them and the toughest part is to click their activities instantly. Of course, we can’t ask two tigers to fight just because we want them to capture in our camera! Plus, forests and caves are not safe as well. Any wildlife photographer is doing wildlife photography because it is their passion and they want us to see unusual and beautiful activities of wild-animals.

If you are one of those people who want to become a wild-life photographer, here are some tips to click best wildlife photographs just like a pro. What we are about to tell you is coming from Mohsen Motamedian Washington  who with intense hard workand creativity, with few years, came into the list of successful names in the field of photography. Now, with his suggestions and experience, we will tell you some ways through which you can click perfect digital pictures just like a professional.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington is one of the top names in the field of photography, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs too. Mohsen Motamedian USA is recognized to be one of the top photographers who has aggressively contributed in variant genres. So, it would be your good luck that you are learning from a professional who has not done well in photography but also in entrepreneurship.

Mohsen Motamedian Washington

Mohsen Motamedian Washington is one of the top names in the field of photography, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs too. Mohsen Motamedian USA is recognizedto be one of the top photographers who has aggressively contributed in variantgenres. So, it would be your good luck that you are learning from aprofessional who has not done well in photography but also inentrepreneurship.

Now, let’s get started with some of our top tips to click best wildlife photography like a pro.

1. know your equipment

This may sound like the usual and prime cliche, but true as moon and stars. As per the experience of Mohsen Motamedian USA  in wildlife photography, the great action-packed instants last on average between five and twenty-second in wildlife photography. If you, in any case, you are not intrinsically familiar with the settings of your gear or its abilities and lens you have opted, there are chances that you can miss your best shots. So, it is way much better idea to understand your gear before entering into wildlife photography.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

Here are some things you should know while wildlife photography:

a. Know how high the settings of your camera can be pushed or how you can do it. With his, you can click a sharp image in your lens combo/camera.
b. Know how to rapidly fastening between focus modes or focus points.
c. Know the further limitations that the in-lens and in-camera stabilization provides you.
d. Know what would be the minimum shutter speed at which you can click a sharp image with your lens combo/camera.

2. Know your subject

Knowing your subject can really make a big difference between being prepared and being ready for clicking that “golden moment of a flying bird or jumping tiger”. With this thing you can also miss your best shots, so understand and know your subject. See, there is only one way to know your subject properly and that is “spend time with them”. Don’t be hurry in clicking the picture, take your time, but don’t miss any best shot. Sit with them, understand with them, watch them, wait and click.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

Black and white photography is one of the oldest photography genres that not only enhances the beauty of the photograph but also reminds a traditional way of photography. There is something very appealing about portrait photographs as there are two colours “white and black” but still looks amazing and eye-catching.

Earlier, black and white photography is the only mode to click pictures but now it has become a trend to click beautiful pictures to remind us something old and traditional, especially related to history. It is suggested by the Mohsen Motamedian Washington that black and white photography is not everyone’s cup of coffee, it can only be done by the one who has skills, and creative mind also experience is one of the essential factors. Mohsen Motamedian Washington is one of the top names in the field of photography, he is one of the successful entrepreneurs too. Mohsen Motamedian USA is known to be one of the top photographers who has actively participated in variant genres.

With intense hard work and creativity, with few years, he came into the
list of successful names in the field of photography. Now, with his suggestions and experience, we will tell you some ways through which you can click perfect blackand white photographs just like a professional.

A black and white photograph can be breathtakingly engaging, moody and also striking. So, what possibly you can do to envisage and produce a spectacular black and white photograph? The basics of black and white photography will get you so far, but you can learn some basic and additional techniques through which you can achieve clicking stunning black and white pictures like a pro. In this amazing beginner’s guide, you will get to know some methods through which you can click amazing black and white pictures.

Now, let’s get started with additional techniques:

1. Focus on Composition more

Basically, Black and white photography eliminates any kind of distraction of colour and help the beholder to focus on the other features of a photographer including subject and background. Other aspects, for example, composition, patterns, shapes and textures also plays a great role in black white photography. Which is why it is essential to consider such aspects while clicking black and white photographs.

mohsen motamedian Washington

2. Shoot in Black and white mode

Many cameras have a black and white or monochromatic setting, that you can use to get a proper preview of what you are capturing. Deliberate capturing in a RAW mode in order to capture the picture in the best quality. This way, neither picture’s information will be compressed nor lost forever, which usually happens with JPEG.

In some cameras, there is a creative style option that will allow photographers to click pictures in black and white mode. Before getting into clicking pictures, understand your camera’s settings and other functions. After checking the settings, go for the setting on your camera that will allow you to view and click in black and white mode.

Mohsen motamedian USA

3. See the lines, textures, patterns and shadows

One of the most essential things you can possibly do in your mission of getting perfect black and white pictures is to train your mind and eyes to look for lines, texture, patterns and shadows. As a photographer, you must be looking such creative things that enhance the beauty of your picture in all genres but in black and white it is most important.

For instance, look for dense blacks as subjects, with shades, set in contradiction of a light contextual. It could be anything like a tree, person or a building melding an image on the ground or somewhere else.

Mohsen motamedian Washington

Becoming a photographer is not that easy and you require a lot of skills besides a good camera in your hands.Now, everyone who would like  to become a professional photographer has to go through a lot of training and upskilling before entering to the elite list of renowned photographers. When we talk about a professional photographer, that is someone who can capture some amazing pictures for different occasions like fashion shows, promotional shoots, weddings and so on. Mohsen Motamedian, who comes over as one of the most sought after photographers across the globe, puts down his opinion in the same regards.

As per him, not everyone can become a professional photographer, but with a little bit of up skilling and training, you can really e prepare yourself for the big stage in the coming future. For him, the following factors may come into play when you look forward to a career in professional photography.

1.Perfect vision

you cannot become a good photographer if you don’t have a perfect vision of seeing things or objects around you. This is where the photographer has to come up with a perfect vision seeing the right location and this is how he or she can add a whole different touch to the image that has been captured in the process. As Per Mohsen Motamedian, this is something that makes a professional photographer different from a normal photographer.


Mohsen Motamedian Export

  1. Technical Know-how

While you are thinking about becoming a photographer, you must also know about certain technicalities of the photography domain. Hence, before entering into the same domain, you must carry the right knowledge and know-how about the specification and advanced features of the camera which you are about to use for that particular shoot or campaign. Well, it may not be possible that you’re comfortable with every feature, but you still must know which feature needs to be used at what moment.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

  1. The Legal aspects

Besides getting all the expertise in photography domain, a professional photographer must also know about the legal aspects of the photography domain. Well, when we talk about legal aspects, it is mainly about issues related to copyright, patent and other stuff. Moreover, it also includes instances where either you have captured someone’s photo and posted on social media without their permission or you have shot in a location where photography is completely prohibited. In either case, you are liable for legal action. Mohsen Motamedian says that even though it you are not required to be a legal professional, you must have the required knowledge in the same regards.


Mohsen Motamedian