Sports photography gives you a lot of chances to obtain a beautiful shot—but it also gives you a lot of chances to miss an incredible moment. When the action is fast-paced, a sports photographer must be ready to click at precisely the right moment in order to capture the perfect shot.

Mohsen Motamedian, one of the finest photographers of this era, throws further light on key tips to hone your skills in sports photography.

Understand the sport

Prior to getting your first shot, you must first become acquainted with the sport—and the players. If you want to capture the best and most dramatic moments at a sporting event, you need to know who to follow and what the laws of the game are.

Mohsen motamedian export says that, if you know a lot about basketball but not so much about hockey, consider shooting a basketball game and then watching the hockey game as a fan. If you’re serious about shooting a sport you’re unfamiliar with, however, set aside some time to watch a few games on TV and learn as much as you can.

It’s also a good idea to research the rules, which you can do by looking them up online. You’ll have a greater understanding of how the game progresses, what will happen next, and what the ref’s whistle signifies. All of this information will result in more informed photographs.


Mohsen Motamedian


Pay attention to the Focus

Max Motamedian further state that changing your focus while watching a sporting event may put all your efforts for a perfect shot in vein. Instead, use the auto-focus feature integrated into your camera. Choose the continuous focus option, which is normally indicated by the letters AF-C, and set it and forget it.

Increase the shutter speed and ISO on your camera.

When photographing sporting activities, a faster shutter speed is recommended. Of course, you can experiment with different effects like motion blur, but when things are moving quickly, try to use a fast shutter speed, above 1/250s.

According to Mohsen Motamedian USA, a rapid shutter speed has the disadvantage of letting in less light, making nighttime action photographs particularly difficult. This can be fixed by raising your ISO. You may be able to set your camera to Auto ISO or you may have to experiment in manual mode to find the ideal shutter speed/ISO match, depending on your camera. Start at ISO 1400 and work your way up to ISO 1800, depending on your equipment and the event you’re photographing.

Invest in the Right Tools

If you’re serious about becoming a sports photographer, you should invest in a long lens or zoom lens, as well as an SLR camera like a Nikon or Canon. For sports photography, a zoom lens with at least 200mm of reach should suffice.

Check before putting Flash to use

Many sports, particularly at the professional and college levels, have laws prohibiting the use of flash. This is because, in some cases, the flash might lead players to become distracted or even blind, putting them and the game at risk.

Max Motamedian USA suggest that before shooting an event, it’s a good idea to check with the coaches or sports directors to see what their preferences and restrictions are for using flash photography.

Don’t miss your shots

While the action on the court, pitch, or rink is certainly crucial, don’t forget that there are many other elements that might result in a wonderful photo during a sporting event. For example, the most dramatic action often occurs after a basket is made or a race is completed.

You should also take into account the surrounding environment. Getting shots of the surroundings, whether it’s as vast as a pro basketball court or as close as a high school football field, gives your action photos context.

Mohsen Motamedian understand that the perfect shot is just as likely to be found in the responses of the audience as it is in the action itself. Another wonderful option for getting as many images as possible is burst mode.

Thinking of making it big in the photography world but don’t know how to start through? A lot of aspiring photographers often deals with this question right at the start of their career journey.

While most of them seek the guidance of other senior photographers, others keep wandering in search of all the right info in the same regards. So, if you are amongst the other list, we got some very crucial information to share with you.

Mohsen Motamedian, one of the most notable photographers in usa, talks about some simple guidelines that every aspiring photographer must follow during the start of their career.

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If you have decided to enter the photography domain and want to make some big names in the process, there is a lot of effort and time that you need to put in the process. Well, besides the time and effort, it’s also about carrying the right talent and dedication. Mohsen Motamedian, who has established himself as one of the best photographers in the world, talks about the following traits in order to become a successful photographer.

Mohsen Motamedian USA

1. Getting the right camera gear

Well, before you go any further in the same regards, you must carry the right camera gear in order to carry out a photography shoot. Currently, the market is full of some best cameras and even the high-end DSLRs and you just have to pick the right one according to your needs.

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The best photography tips for amateurs will help you move from simply clicking photos to creating real art work.

Are you unfamiliar to photography techniques? Did you just get started in the world of digital cinematography? Professional photojournalist Mohsen Motamedian USA will guide you to discover this exciting field with simple photography tips!


The next tip for novice is to understand how light works.

The basic camera parameters will help you get a good picture. Learning the basic techniques of visual arts and various elements of cinematography will help in clicking perfect images. However, using the light in proper orientation will make your pictures stand out from the rest.

Handling the light correctly is possibly one of the most difficult tasks for beginner at first. But as soon as you master it, there will be a substantial improvement in your pictures.

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Inspiration and ideas for photo shoots from time to time challenge many amateurs. In this article, Mohsen Motamedian USA would like to share some interesting ideas for photo shoots, which can be an incentive for you to experiment creatively.

1. Try to take a picture of something you’ve never photographed before

In photography, as in any business, a constant stay in the comfort zone can lead to creative stagnation. The swamp of everyday life and routine will absorb your creative potential slowly.

The easiest way to do this is to choose an object, theme, or photography technique that you’ve never tried before.

But don’t rely on it. Think ahead of the upcoming photoshoot concept, make an idea of how you would like to see the result of your work.

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Being a professional photographer, you really have to serve your client with the best and most desired shots on their special day. Especially, when it comes to a wedding shoot, you cannot think of serving anything below the best for their best and most special memory.

Now, this is where, being a photographer, you have to live up to their expectations. Mohsen Motamedian, who has established himself as one of the most talked-about photographers of the current times, talks about pondering the below facts before heading for any wedding shoot.


Camera gears and accessories

Mohsen Motamedian WashingtonYou cannot just walk into a wedding shoot with a good DSLR and expect the same to do winders with your wedding photography skills. Being a specialist photographer himself, Max Motamedian talks about bringing all the right gears and accessories to your camera kit. Speaking of kit that must include the following:

  • Tripod

A Tripod can help you to bring all the required stability during any given wedding shoot. The best part- you can place it anywhere as per your own convenience and need not worry about the unwanted disturbances by the guests and other factors around.

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Photography has made its place as the most cherished and followed hobbies across people of all age groups. No matter if it’s about a kid, an adult, or a middle-aged person, eceryo0ne loves to click and secure all those beautiful memories of their lives under a camera frame.

Mohsen Motamedian, who has secured his place amongst the topmost photographers around the world, also talks about his journey in the world of photography. As per him, if there’s any profession that can provide you with great satisfaction along with some financial security, its photography.

Besides that, he talks about the following reasons why photography can come up as a great hobby for people of every age and community around.

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Photography is one great idea to re-live your memories. People often take photographs for numerous reasons. Where some click photographs to build memories while others click for their hobbies. It depends upon person to person and their thoughts about photography. Posting photographs in different social media sites have become a new trend in today’s life. It acts as one of the favourite hobbies of many people.

Mohsen Motamedian

Apart from taking pictures as a hobby, it is one great option to choose to opt for as a career. People are unaware of the fact that how amazingly photography can change your life. While Mohsen Motamedian, promises photography as a great option to choose to build your career within it. It involves your passion and promises you the best outcome.

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Whenever we open an album, it brings a lot happy memories in our life. photographs are like a happy movie, that undoubtedly we all love to watch. It gives us a pleasure, happy smiles, lifetime memories and the best relaxed feelings. Therefore, we can claim photography as one of the best leading activity that promises the best collection of happy memories. Clicking photographs is undoubtedly the perfect option to capture the special moments, to share stories, and a perfect source of entertainment to cherish for life long.

Photography is a task that requires the most active and peaceful mind. Where people afraid of their career in photography. Mohsen Motamedian is a man who trusted in the skills of his photography and thus becomes one of the best inspiring photographers. This is one big reason, the when we speak about photography, his name ranks on top. Mohsen Motamedian acts as an inspiration and therefore help youth in gaining confidence to work hard every day and to follow their passion for photography.

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People often think that photography is as easy as walking on the cake which is absolutely not. It takes a lot of creativity, skills, attentive mind and of course, experience. You can’t expect a beginner to match with a professional, but they can try. Yes! with some amazing photography techniques and tips, beginners can learn professional photography. It is indeed a tough work but with the help of this blog, you will get to some tips and techniques of digital photography.

Some people born with creativity in their minds but some develop it with daily practice and hard work. When it comes to digital photography, it doesn’t matter whether you are born creative or develop it with time. We are saying so because Mohsen Motamedian Washington said that with perfect tips, techniques and continuous practice, anyone can be a pro in photography.

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